This design criteria was copied from actual working plans for a home constructed by Hyde Industries. It can be found on the cover page of every set of plans we produce. While the 150 MPH minimum standard is stated in the plans, some components of the building envelope can far exceed 150 MPH.

Components Breakdown:

  • Exterior Walls 200 MPH
  • Roof Decking 170 MPH
  • Windows 150 MPH
  • Exterior Doors 150 MPH
  • Roofing 150 MPH
  • Garage Door 150 MPH

Hurricane Charley 150 MPH

Symbols: Greater Than or Equal To, Less Than

Hurricane Proof is defined by a home with these design standards being built in a 130 MPH wind zone.

Wind Map

Hyde Industries building area encompasses Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties.