"The cheapest solar you will ever install is on new construction." The efficiency's that standardization brings to new home solar systems are the same we employ in the exterior walls and overall construction of your new home. Sales data suggests that solar homes sell for more than the cost of the system over conventional homes and sell more quickly. Solar also acts as an efficient hedge against rising energy costs and possible carbon taxes.


The real cost of living in a solid poured concrete, highly insulated, impact glass, solar home:


Additional Benefits

Indoor Air Quality

Your new home is equipped with a fresh air system. The system is designed to replenish the entire volume of air in your home with fresh air every 24 hours, benefiting the health of your family and expelling indoor pollutants daily.


LED lighting is used in every fixture that is included in your new home. These ultra efficient lights not only save you hundreds of dollars per fixture, they also have the added benefit you may never change a bulb the entire time you own the home.